Home Staging Tips For Beginners

Home staging is among the processes of getting your home sold. It is a crucial stage since the potential buyer is visiting your house for viewing before settling the deal. For a person selling their house for the first time, here are some home staging tips for beginners that will help you get started.

Keep your house clean and de-clutter it

homeThis is one of the basic home staging ideas. One should clean their home thoroughly. It will involve removing the cobwebs, dusting the shelves, carpet cleaning and scrubbing the baseboard. The house should remain sparkling clean. To de-clutter, one should ensure they get rid of the unnecessary stuff they have, for instance, the children’s toys that may seem scattered in the bedroom, old antiques that are personal to you may be neatly arranged in the garage. Smaller pieces of furniture may as well be arranged in the garage to create more movement space in the house.

Depersonalize the house

The house cannot be easily bought if it appears to be yours. De-personalizing the house will make the potential buyer imagine how the house will feel if they buy it. With your personal stuff such as your photos in the hallway, it will be difficult for the owner to have a clear picture of how the house would look like. One can also repaint the house with neutral colors to avoid having their favorite color on the wall.

Fix all the broken things

Be it the tap, bulb, door or tile; make sure that it is fixed so that the house looks like it is in good condition. In most cases, home staging is meant to highlight the best features of your home to woo your potential buyer. Not taking fixing the broken things will make the house be valued less than what you would expect hence you lose on your commission.

Do proper finishing touches

bedroomThe home should feel welcoming so that the potential buyers get a good feeling about the home. This can be done by putting fresh flowers in the vases. They uplift one’s moods when they are walking around the house. The other options would be the use of scents. It is important that you do not use very strong scents. This might give the buyer an impression that there is a strong odor that you are masking.

Every room should have a purpose

The seller will have to work towards providing the home with a purpose for each room. If there is a room acting as a storage space, you can furnish it to look like it’s an office or a guest bedroom. Proper lighting can also be used to make your home more welcoming. The curtains or blinds should be drawn to ensure more light enters the rooms. For the rooms that are dark, one should ensure that they have proper lighting with good bulbs. This will give the buyer a good impression of your home, and it will be off the market in a second.